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tues 6 sept 2011

At the beginning of the year, I tallied all the books I had bought for myself but had not yet read. The number was around 50 and I made it my goal to reduce this pile: Read the books, and not buy any more.

Well, that never worked. My book buying desires are way stronger than any silly "goals" I make up!

So I decided I would have to read an old book every time I bought a new book. Yep, I kept a list and everything!

The problem with this system is that I would acquire books for free. Do I have to put them on this list too?

I made a little side list for the free books.

But then I broke down and bought three books at once. And I didn't write them on my list. And I've been ignoring that stupid list ever since!

So... my new books have become countless...

10 books bought... haha!

The Counted:
1. Genji Monagatari, 2. Change of Heart, 3. Pope Joan, 4. Vegan's Daily Companion, 5. Edge of the Sea, 6. Under the Sea Wind, 7. Deathless, 8. Guernsey Literary, 9. Last Unicorn Graphic Novel, 10. Plastic, Toxic Love Story.
(Side List: The Enjoyment of Lit, With a Little Help, Madame Bovary, Jap. Fairy Tales)

I have read (or am currently reading) all but three of these books! That's something, right?!

*rolls eyes*

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