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fri 29 apr 2011

I was vaguely planning a slightly sober weekend, so that I could really focus on my crazy, extensive "small things" To Do List. Unfortunately, it was really intense today at the day job (trying to get huge orders out the door for the end of the month). And I decided I needed to give my brain a rest, and start the weekend with a few drinks.

blitzed blogging

ha. where's that one graphic that I love? ah:


Anyway. Here are a few little things I've been meaning to tell you...

  oh my gosh! I was totally un-interested in the Royal Wedding stuff... but NPR Morning Edition actually made me smile happily with all the excited people! :)

  Vegetarian Journal from the Vegetarian Resource Group I have just recently re-subscribed to this small mag, and I really enjoy reading it. It's filled with interesting vegan recipes (don't care about: hate cooking!), and great Q&As, and I like reading the scientific notes and the book reviews.

  Speaking of magazines, there was an article about Copic markers in the may/june Cloth Paper Scissors mag. Can't link to the article, but can point you towards the author's blog post: magazine and marker magic Her art work is happy and colourful, and I hope you'll check out the rest of her blog!

  Also speaking of Copics... have I mentioned stuff 2 color?? whee! if you have a bunch of markers and need posters to colour, this is the web site to check out! Not too expensive, and decidedly beautiful. They have only just started selling Copic markers, but I think it's a wonderful fit between businesses. especially since we are local to each other!

the Last Unicorn graphic novel

  Signed and personalized copy of The Last Unicorn, graphic novel arrived this week! oh my! every time I open this book, I get sucked into the art and the story. The story is familiar, several times over: I've read the book and watched the animated movie over and over. The art that comes with this book is just delightful. *hearts*

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