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tues 12 apr 2011

You know how the alarm goes off every morning? and you hit the snooze a few times, but then it's time to get up and go to work?

And no matter how well you slept, it always feels like a couple more hours of sleep would be the best thing ever!

I am one of those people who must have more than nine hours of sleep every night. Ten is better. The occasional twelve is really nice.

Yes, it's a horrible "waste of time"! But I don't feel good when I don't get my sleep... and I don't want to live my life, constantly feeling blah when I know there is a simple solution.

So I sleep. And I love my sleep!

But I do also wish I could get more done in the evenings.

Note To Self: Just put the book down! Don't worry about your stupid reading goal! Go To Bed!

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