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Eagle Nest Cam
tues 5 apr 2011

All day at work, we watched the Decorah Eagle Cam! Very cool: two babies, one egg, probably to hatch in a few days, mom and dad eagle come and go and feed babies. It's a 24 hour cam, here they are right now, in the dark... it's impossible to tell with this b/w still picture, but both babies heads are sticking out from under mom (or dad?):

Decorah Eagle Cam at night

All kinds of dead animals on the near side of the nest, off to the left. You can see the crow feathers in the screen shot I just took. Also there's a fish and something brownish and maybe furry. Whoever's sitting on the nest picked at these through the day, and fed bits to the babies.

At one point, early afternoon, the older baby was mad about something? or maybe just being goofy? He was pecking at mom's head. And then he bit her, and she shook her head, and baby goes tumbling out the main part of the nest!

Eagle's nests are huge, maybe for this reason, and he was just a few inches away, but he was outside the built up, warm part where mom was sitting. And mom was all "OH MY GOSH!" and she stepped over and tried to get the kid back in the proper nest, "grab my head again!" she was saying, but baby was not going for it.

In a minute, mom rolled her eyes and sat back down in the proper nest and told the kid on the outside, "you got yourself into this situation... you'll have to climb back in on your own!"

poor kid, all he wants is to get back in... but he's just three days old, so the muscle coordination isn't quite there. He decided to act nonchalant, and peck at the dead animals for a bit! laughs, I don't think he was fooling anybody tho!

I had to go back to work, but the next time I looked, the little one was gone! ack! What happened?

Not to worry, he got back into the nest! Took over an hour for mom to move over so we could see and confirm: two babies and an egg, still in the nest!

Yay, happy ending!

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