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1 May 2010... Am I actually doing another round of daily blogging?

sat 1 may 2010

National Blog Posting Month

As I was cleaning up my NaBloPoMo page, getting rid of the april entries, I happened to notice my very first National Blog Posting Month. November 2008. I also did a Drawing Month at the same time. How in the world did I have time for all that?!

Anyway. I was looking at the pictures I made... they are all at the bottom of this page: Static8, Nov 2008.

I took an index card and drew something every day. They are mostly pencil drawings, I coloured them with my Prismacolor Art Stix. A couple are coloured with random markers (this was pre-Copic days!).

I would really like to do that again. Make art everyday. ya know? Drawings.

It's just...

man, I hate to draw!

laughs. It's just one of those things. I have a little bit of "talent"... I can draw what I see and it usually comes out okay.

(this is not so much "talent", thus the quote marks. I have had a couple of art classes. There are some annoying people out there who have a natural talent for drawing. But drawing is a skill that can be learned!) (and yes, this is a bit of a soapbox!!) :)

If I practice my drawing, I know I will get better.

It's just so difficult to sit down and actually do the work.

So I would really, really like to dedicate this month as a month of drawing. Get out those index cards again! Dust off the Prismacolors! You spent a lot of money on those Copic markers, would it kill you to use them now and then?! :)

2 May 2010... A busy spring: somebody teach me time management?

sun 2 may 2010

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oof, what a weekend! I got so much stuff done on saturday -- errands, chores, computer stuff, garden, etc. -- that I really wanted to relax on sunday. But this morning, the Significant Other dragged me out of the house, kicking and screaming, to visit the garden again.

I'm glad we got more done out there. But my back is aching. And I'm a little bit grumpy about my weekend being mostly done. And there's still chores that'll have to wait for next weekend! ugh!

heh. No rest for the weary, right?

Our garden plot, as usual, is not the perfection illustrated by our plot neighbors, who have no weeds and straight rows of planted things and raised beds and such.

Honestly? Straight rows annoy the heck out of me... how about some spirals, gardeners?? or some starburst shapes??

Parallel and straight rows are just so horrificly BORING!

Okay. I suppose that is the artist in me. The artist who has not been drawing at all even tho we dedicated the month of may to drawing. *shakes head* Those artists, so undependable!

mon 3 may 2010

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This is a snail who was hibernating on top of the plastic tarp we've got over our community garden plot.

When we visited the garden on Saturday (the first we'd been in several weeks), the tarps needed to be re-arranged. SO picked one tarp up and a little field mouse went flying out the other end!

Ha. poor thing. Hope he wasn't planning on a permanent home underneath our tarps!

I looked around, and found mouse chew holes in the one tarp. Can't be healthy, but the little ones invariably like to chew on plastic.

Boo is terrible about plastic; plastic bags, the coroplast siding in her home, even my plastic string (aka acrylic yarn) gets chewed upon if I leave it on the floor!

nobody understands that plastic is poison! 'Course the dumb humans keep throwing it down.

tues 4 may 2010

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We've been talking about tattoos at work here in the past week or so. A couple of the girls are thinking about getting one.

Many of the women at my day job have tattoos. I asked one of the guys I work with if he had any. He said no and I wondered out loud if tattoos was a woman thing. He answered no... He wants to get a "sleeve" he just hasn't found the right art yet. (and most of his guy friends have tattoos too.)

E. wants a simple little cross on her foot. She's reluctant because most places have a 50 or 75$ minimum and she doesn't want to pay that much for "two little lines." ha.

Her sister, A. already has a pretty large tattoo on her back of a bird. I got to peak at it today, like a dove. She wants another one... on the back of her shoulder, a dandelion in seed with the seeds blowing off around her shoulder. I love dandelions, so of course I thought that would be awesome!

I think about getting a tattoo. But I have trouble narrowing down a topic, let alone a single graphic! Also, I'd want to do the drawing myself... and I have never draw something so great that I'd want it permanently on my skin! :)

wed 5 may 2010

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I don't collect stamps, but I love buying new stamps. Of course, I buy them to use them, and I like sending out snail mail as well!

cats and dogs

The stamps I ordered over the weekend arrived today. Yay. I got the new Animal Rescue stamps:

and the new Abstract Expressionists stamps:

Yay Art

These are all okay, but my current favorite stamps are the Kelp Forest ones!!

Isn't this the coolest stamp sheet?!

The real reason I had to go on a stamp buying spree: I ran out of postcard stamps. You know what the problem is with postcard stamps? There's only one.

With regular, first class 44¢ mail, you've got several different choices of stamp art. Heck a couple handfuls of art to choose from! But there is only one 28¢ postcard stamp design.

And if you're sending a postcard out of the US, there is only one 98¢ International stamp, and there is only one 75¢ stamp for Canada.

What kind of foolishness is that?
How about some variety, postal people?

You can find out more about the stamps above here:
  Animal Rescue: A Cause Worth Adopting
  Abstract Expressionists: Embracing the Intuitive
  Nature of America: Kelp Forest
  An Accidental Series (the polar bear is the postcard stamp, but I love the artwork on all these stamps!)

BTT, Half
thurs 6 may 2010

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Booking Through Thursday meme

  • So... you're halfway through a book and you're hating it. It's boring. It's trite. It's badly written. But... you've invested all this time to reading the first half.
    What do you do? Read the second half? Just to finish out the story? Find out what happens?
    Or, cut your losses and dump the second half?

heh. A few books in this category... amusingly, Half Life was one of them. also Light. and Spaceman Blues: a Love Story.

I hated these books. But I finished them all.

I kept thinking something interesting would happen. Or maybe something comprehensible would happen to, you know, explain the point of the book.

It's a shame, really. I am usually very picky about the books I buy. And yet, these somehow got past my censor!

Well, it's been a while since I've read a totally crappy book. (the above books I read in 2007 and 2008.)

The books I'm reading right now are great!!

fri 7 may 2010

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first one

Yay! Blooming iris! Actually, this photo is from yesterday... today there are three blooms! :)

The iris bulbs were a present from my mom when we moved into our townhouse here about five years ago. So it's entirely appropriate that they are blooming so close to Mother's Day! :)

Also fixin' to bloom, my precious African Violet! This plant was a cutting from my Grandma. She is currently in assisted living, and recovering from a stroke she had about a month ago. She seems to be healing quite well.

Anyway, the African Violets are the darkest shade of magenta. It always makes me happy when the main plant deems the world worthy of it's blooms. heh.

African Violets clone themselves like crazy. Every time I accidently break off a leaf, I set it in the dirt somewhere and there's a new plant growing, or several. I've got this extra pot, where I planted two leaves and actually took care of them... now the pot is so full of leaves it's just crazy!

Pictures for another blog post, I suppose. (because I'm too lazy to do it now!)

7 May 2010... oh hey people: check out Pepsi giving away cash to random projects. (I am not personally invested in any of these, but it just takes a moment to vote...)
Repair and rebuild a wildlife facility in northern Florida
Support Kennels for K-9's project labor and materials to build an indoor shelter; North Carolina, USA.
Second Chances Wildlife incubators and medical supplies, etc; Kentucky, USA.
*** Once you sign up (lower left, must supply an email addy), you have ten votes a day!

sat 8 may 2010

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First plants in the garden

At Saturday Market we stopped at Morning Sun Organics and bought our first plants of the season!

We got a couple cherry tomatoes, "Sweetie" heirlooms. a Slicing Cucumber and a Japanese cucumber called Suyo Long. A baby eggplant. And SO got a couple of peppers: Jalapeno and Thai Dragon.

Also got, but haven't planted yet, some basil and cilantro.

And of course, I put some flower seeds into the front of our plot. Some Zinnias. Looking at the packet, I determined it was probably early to plant. So I saved a bunch of the seeds to plant later. Anyway, this variety is called "Giant Fantasy" which makes me smile. :)

And, I can't remember if I've mentioned this, but in the back right corner of our garden... one of the strawberry plants from last year has returned! Just the lonely one, tho. We'll have to get more!

I am happy with the plants we got today. But now I'm wishing I had gotten at least one pretty flower to display.

The food plants are nice and all. But our garden plot is for enjoyment, first and foremost. And the things I enjoy are colours and art! And flowers... including and especially wild flowers... are that.

Vegan Mothers Day
sun 9 may 2010

Entry #9 of 31 on this page (tagged: may, )

go vegan please

A Cow's Milk is not yours to take
Very good article, please read it!
I got a couple of Cow Ribbons, a great idea to show support for Moms of all species.

Happy Mothers Day. Please consider the other mothers and Please Go Vegan for them!

a day
mon 10 may 2010

Entry #10 of 31 on this page (tagged: may)

I spent most of my time at the day job in front of the computer. Not my normal job. And when I was walking home this afternoon, dang, I was tired! I didn't even _do_ anything.

Since I don't have anything interesting to say, I'm just going to leave you with a photo...


Happy Birthday Me
tues 11 may 2010

Entry #11 of 31 on this page (tagged: may)

Yay! My Birthday celebration has begun! Today I turn 37. Gonna be partying for the rest of the week... maybe by the end of the month the celebrating will taper off. :)

You know what I wish I could get as a present?

I saw a Twillight Zone show when I was a kid, or maybe Outer Limits? Anyway, one of those. A woman dug up a box in her garden, I think. Inside was a pocket watch. When she clicked the top of the watch, time stood still for everyone and everything except her.

I want that.

First I would click time to stop and then I would get some extra sleep. Then I would get going on my projects. Postcards, drawings, my round robin journals... the crochet! How much more reading could I get done in that absolute silence?

Yeah, okay. Possibly I need a vacation. Unfortunately, I get the opposite. I think I have to work this weekend!

humph. oh well.

11 May 2010... And a few more things to vote on for the Pepsi money...
Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital Build outdoor cages for injured & orphaned wildlife in rehabilitation. SE Wisconsin
Hardin County Humane Society To build a shelter for the Homeless animals in Hardin County Ohio.
Dreyfoos Gardening Society Start a community vegetable garden to feed the homeless.
*** Be sure to check out my mini-post on the 7th for a few more voting ideas!

wed 12 may 2010

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My Mom sent me some Chocolate Decadence for my birthday yesterday. MMMmmm.

Seriously. Wow. This is really good chocolate!

I've known about Chocolate Decadence for a while now. Their entire online store is vegan and they have all kinds of interesting chocolates. I've bought stuff from them a few times, but as gifts for other people. I never bought for myself!

I don't really indulge in sweets... regular candy sometimes makes me sick, which definitely puts a damper on the sweet tooth. Never had a problem with chocolate... but usually when I want a snack, I'll go for something salty instead.

But these chocolates may turn me around. :)

African Violets
thurs 13 may 2010

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the little pot of leaves

Okay, so my main African Violet is blooming this week... but my little pot of leaves is blooming as well! I just noticed this the other day, and it really made me happy.

So, okay. For my friend and for posterity; a few random tips on African Violets! This comes from my Mom and my Grandma.

African Violets like to be root bound! In other words, it likes to be in a small pot.

They should be in unglazed clay pots. Plastic pots... will work, if you are tough on the watering...

And African Violets need to completely dry out in between waterings! The clay pot helps with this, since the water can evaporate through the pot.

Try not to get the leaves wet when you water... but watering from the bottom (like some places recommend) is not necessary!

When they start flowering, I start giving them more water.

Probably the high humidity here is also factor. I did not have the African Violets when I lived in Phoenix, so I have no idea how they will do in desert conditions.

um, light? Grandma keeps her plants in a room with east windows, they get some direct light there. My plants are also in a room with east light... but out tiny townhouse is quite dark, being surrounded by trees and buildings and such.

That's all I've got, people. Plants need to be pretty tough to live with me, since I'm not always very dependable about supplying the water! If they can bounce back from some wilting, that's the perfect plant for me!

fri 14 may 2010

Entry #14 of 31 on this page (tagged: may)

just looking

busy saturday
sat 15 may 2010

Entry #15 of 31 on this page (tagged: may)

Yep. Busy.

A few hours of day job junk this morning. A few errands and chores this afternoon. Then the Significant Other took me out to eat for dinner at a new place. And now my weekend has finally begun!

One of my errands included a stop at the craft store to get some string. I have been using Caron's Simply Soft Eco, and I really like it and want more. Unfortunately, the place I originally got it isn't selling anymore.

This other place, I went to this afternoon, didn't sell the Eco kind either. Major disappointment! I guess I'll be doing the rest of my shopping online.

I find the whole situation very weird, considering I live in such a "green" town. Apparently, the crafters here aren't very green. *a curse on them!*

So anyway. Here it is; the start of my one day weekend, and I am mildly annoyed. *grumble grumble*

random garden things
sun 16 may 2010

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Last year at our community garden, a local gardening company donated a bunch of flats of herbs and plants that they hadn't sold. It was late in the season, and the cilantro I got went to seed immediately... I hoped to have baby cilantros this year. No such luck.

But I signed up for their occasional newsletter, and it always has something interesting to say.

The last one I got: Garden News, issue 32 mentioned frost dates and gave a link so you can figure your own frost dates: Freeze and Frost Data for the US

The Average Last Frost date here is 22 April, and the Last Frost is 24 May.

Which means it is probably mostly safe to put the bigger house plants outside. Kind of a big deal, since I have two "trees" taking up space in the porch room!

darn it, I still haven't drawn a divider line. :/

plants on the bike

The Basils and Cilantros we bought at Saturday Market last week have been hanging out in our tiny town house all week. Today, we took a bike ride to our community garden plot. The plants were shocked about the bike... I suppose any plants, without legs -- or wheels -- would be terrified at these motions and speeds!

So, they were a bit droopy and depressed when we arrived at the garden. I hope they will perk up, now that they are in the ground. (But I fear I may have killed them.) (Which makes me sad.)

Both the cherry tomato plants we planted last weekend, had lovely yellow blossoms. :) And the other plants; cucumbers, peppers and egg plant, seemed to be doing well. Perhaps three seedlings from the Zinnia seeds I planted last weekend?

And I found a second Strawberry plant growing in amongst the yellow wild flower "weeds".

There were a lot of people at the Community Garden today, but no one bothered us. This made for a much more enjoyable garden time today. I am just not a people-person, and I like quiet-time when I am at the garden.

mon 17 may 2010

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pretty purple

The spiral of the blossoms yet to bloom delight me!

This is Comfrey, growing in our neighbor's plot at the community garden. Comfrey is a relative of the Borage we had growing in our plot last year... Borage has little blue star flowers hanging down.

tues 18 may 2010

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Last tuesday was my birthday. I have been keeping so busy (and a little bit stressed out) that I haven't really taken any time for personal celebration.

I got some vegan brownies from my Mom (from Chocolate Decadence), and some candles for semi-traditional birthday celebration, and I haven't lit any candles or eaten my brownies. I usually do a massive Amazon run for fun stuff, and I haven't done that yet.

the Thank You notes, and even just replying to emails are still days away. (So sorry, people!)

The funny thing is... I kept telling myself that I would quit the daily blogging, as a b-day present to myself! haha. and you see I just kept plugging along!

There is a good review of the book Ninety-Five at my favorite animal rights website...

Yeah, I haven't had the chance to read it yet because of my stupid busy-ness.

But I hope you read the review, and maybe more of the Animal Rights and AntiOpression site. And I hope you buy the book and read it as well.

And... Please Go Vegan!

I know; so many demands. :) But it is my birthday week and month. So you should definitely go vegan! You know how happy that would make me, right?!

Very very happy.

wed 19 may 2010

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Red and Purple Rhododendrons at the day job

thurs 20 may 2010

Entry #20 of 31 on this page (tagged: may)

Okay! Last night I finished two time-sensitive projects. Unfortunately, the one project was three days late. Which makes me annoyed with myself.

And so, I am very happy to have these two projects out of the way... And I really want to get going on some Other random projects... But... I feel like I really should take a break to get caught up with the mundanities of every day life.

Both my main inboxes have over 50 emails! The snail mailbox was full because I haven't had the chance to get to it! Never mind the vacuuming or tidying up. Or other boring things.

And dang, I'm tired. Maybe I'll just start by catching up with my sleep...

happy weekend
fri 21 may 2010

Entry #21 of 31 on this page (tagged: may)


I don't have anything interesting to say today. And I've run out of current photos! ack!

:) This is from wandering in the forest last year. I went through some of my old photos (for one of those "time sensitive" projects), and this picture kept catching my eye.

I just love the shapes and the colours here.

sat 22 may 2010

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Thinking about getting to my May postcards this morning, and I was considering the origins of my postcard obsession.

In March 2008, the Yahoo group Purple Ink shut down. It was a large group of people who did paper journals (and many trades and exchanges), and I had been lurking there for a very long time. I was incredibly sad to see it go. As were hundreds of members.

I joined one of the spin-off groups, Blue Haze. It was a small group but they re-started the postcard exchange almost immediately. Which I decided to join.

My first postcard was a drawing... of one of my stuffed animals! :) With some text that defined what a "vegan" was. :) I sent it in July 2008.

And I've been making postcards monthly ever since then!

In September 2008, I joined PostCrossing, with the encouragement of the memembers of Blue Haze. Oh, I loved it! I sent postcards to the world, all through 2009.

At the end of 2009, with the holidays, I got bogged down with responsibilities. I put the PostCrossing on hold. And it's still on hold, now six months later!

But I continue with my monthly postcards at Blue Haze.

It's important to me!

postcards continued
sun 23 may 2010

Entry #23 of 31 on this page (tagged: may, )

Even tho my monthly postcard mailing is starting to get a little bit Unwieldy (22 postcards this time)... I still absolutely love sending them out.

And I started reading the book, Good Mail Day which is about mail art... Good reading plus interesting photos of mail and postcards and envelopes and artistamps.

And now I want to re-engage my PostCrossing account.

But, I don't have time to add another ongoing project to my life. Which makes me want to dump my entire life and just start over.

heh. Too bad I like my day job so much, and paying rent is kinda nice as well. ;)

In truth, I have so many interestes and hobbies! I *could* dump my life and "start over" but I'd have the exact same problem. Running out of time to do all these cool things that I want to do!

oh well.

mon 24 may 2010

Entry #24 of 31 on this page (tagged: may, )

Since the May postcards are all happily out the door, it's probably safe to show last months postcard...


I had finally figured out how the macro setting on my camera works. Yeah, okay, the camera is like three years old or something! And I have the manual within reach all the time! So I'm slow, okay?!

I always used the zoom when I was doing bug pictures. Using zoom is just something I automatically do... but the camera couldn't focus on small, close things when the zoom is on. It just never occured to me to quit zooming and get physically closer!

ha. Well, getting physically closer kinda freaks out the little ones. I think I was about an inch away from this poor little ladybug and I could practically hear him shouting at me to get out of his face!

I did apologize to him.

tues 25 may 2010

Entry #25 of 31 on this page (tagged: may, )

...and the March postcard...

rising full moon

I decided that I liked the colour of the sky on this one. :) It's February's full moon, rising.

I think I had my camera tripod at this time... but I wasn't able to use it because I was standing on the bed to get the shot through the window! haha.

wed 26 may 2010

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a neighbor

It's funny.

Usually when I start my blog posts with a photo, it's because I don't really have anything to say.

Some days when I just have a picture for my blog post, I just don't feel like typing. Some days after I've put my picture up, I find something to type about after all. Some days, I'm too grumpy or tired to type anything. Some days, I think I have something to type, I can feel my mind rolling in that good writerly way, but without any focus, so I wander on the Internets for a while. But that never works. :)

In general, it's best when I have a topic to write about before I sit in front of the computer. And I know this, and you'd think I'd be thinking about a topic all day so I can hurry up and type something interesting in the evening.

But I haven't been lately.

thurs 27 may 2010

Entry #27 of 31 on this page (tagged: may)

Feb full moon again

huh. weird. Another day with nothing to type about.


art for my walls?
fri 28 may 2010

Entry #28 of 31 on this page (tagged: may)

Most of the walls in my home and bedroom are bare. I truly have no sense of interior design. Nothing is decorated, nothing is really even organized!

Every once in a while, I think I want art work on my walls. My trouble is, I get bored of it so very quickly! The calendars are great because I get to flip to a new picture every month. I usually have several calendars of the current year... but I've only got two right now, for whatever (laziness) reason.

I do have an oil painting my Grandma made. In the style of Bob Ross "and a happy tree lives right here..." :)

I have tried putting some of my own artwork up. But then I get tired of looking at it, and I tear it down. You'd think it would encourage me to draw more, so I could replace the old art with new art. But I'm not drawing these days. :/

So, I get desperate for art. I do.

And when I do, I start visiting stock.xchng. I download some pretty sceneries and print them up or just put them on my computer desktop background (which gets changed a couple times a week, anyway).

Sometimes look at or AllPosters. But I never buy from them. I figure if I am going to spend money on art that will be on my wall for a month (tops), I really should give the money to a real artist and get some real art!

But, yeah, that never happens either!

And it's a total shame, too. Because we have this stairwell that has tons of blank, white space that's just dying for some colour!!

at the Copic Warehouse
sat 29 may 2010

Entry #29 of 31 on this page (tagged: may)

*happy long weekend* odds and ends today: Some Crocheting! Some Internet Surfing! Some Saturday Market! And some Divine Cupcakes!! Yay!

But today I want to type about my most recent Copic purchase... a 72pc Wallet to hold my markers!!

Copic has had a black nylon wallet that holds 24 Copic or Sketch or Ciao markers for a long time. And we used to have a 36pc Wallet as well. But then we finally got our act together and designed this 72pc Wallet.

We started taking orders for the Copic 72pc Wallets at the end of January at the CHA trade show. People have been waiting a very long time for these things! They finally arrived at the Copic Warehouse on Thursday evening. (along with a new 36pc Wallet.) And we started shipping them out on Friday.

But, of course, I had to buy my own wallet first!!!

my Sketch markers

Unfortunately, I don't yet own 72 markers... so there are a few holes in my wallet! ah well, just a matter of time, right?! (and anyway, there are 334 colours of Sketch markers... I have a long way to go!) *grins*

As you can see, I also filled out a colour chart. You can get your own here: Copic, Blank Hand Color Chart. (You should print it on the paper you usually draw on.)

Filling out my colour chart, I realized I need more blues.

And also, I should draw more. I remember buying R01 "Pinkish Vanilla" because I imagined drawing pigs and using this colour!

Yeah, I have not drawn any pigs lately! *sighs*

I Should Draw!

sun 30 may 2010

Entry #30 of 31 on this page (tagged: may, )

The happy weekend continues... with some reading! a few chores. a trip to the garden to plant things we got at Saturday Market...

please grow now

The Significant Other found a couple more cherry tomato plants. and I found some watermelon plants!!!

They are called "Sugar Baby Watermelons"... and if they live happily they will make little baby watermelons that are 8 to 12 pounds! Now, one of my friends at the day job had said that watermelons were hard to grow here. But I have a tiny light of hope in my soul! :)

The hope is very tiny, especially taking into account that all the basils and cilantros I planted are dead and gone. *sighs* *big sighs*

But the cherry tomato plants are happily blooming, and the strawberries are still alive under their pretty but weedly neighbors. And the cucumber plants are alive, even if they aren't really doing anything.

And just imagine, that little watermelon plant growing bigger and bigger. Those lovely leaves! Aren't they great with all those long indentions... it looks like a doodle drawing came to life!

And Then! When the plant is big and sprawling all over the place, it will have flowers and then make little watermelons! Little watermelons! Imagine that day! When you get to eat one! wow.


mon 31 may 2010

Entry #31 of 31 on this page (tagged: may)

The long weekend provides so much freedom. It makes me wish I could live off a part-time job! :)

So. I have read an entire book ( Like Water For Chocolate, mainstream fiction, it was okay), and started on the next (Carmen Dog, modern fable/satire, it might be okay).

It has been a very long time since I have let myself have that much reading time! So nice.

And then I let myself have some colouring time...

Discovered a site this weekend with some free colouring pages that I absolutely love. There are a lot of free colouring pages out there; believe me, I've googled. But... none have any appeal for me.

But this one... oh my! If I ever doodled, this is how I want all my doodles to look!

I suspected, that the free colouring pages offered here would be brilliant for some Copic Sketch marker practice. And I was so right! Lots of smaller areas to colour: not only can I use many of my (not quite 72) different colours, but I also get practice in with the brush nib... *big eyes* which I apparently need!

:) (brush nib: good!)

So. You may remember at the beginning of May, I wanted May to be a month of drawing. *looks down* yeah, I didn't draw a single thing.

I guess I am a blocked artist.

So! I am going to work on colouring these Doodle pages for a while.

and then maybe I will be able to do a couple of my own doodles.

and then I don't know. It would be nice to have art in my life every day. But that's a pretty big deal, considering all my other hobbies!

(yep. it's a pig. "oink." and I used my R01 "pinkish vanilla"! yay!)

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