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sat 10 july 2010

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Back from vacation with my Significant Other, visiting my parents in Colorado! Had a blast!

I've got hundreds of photos. Every time I look through them, I've got a big smile on my face. I have no idea how I am going to distill these down... I've got blog entries to type, postcards to make, "thank you" photos to send! Oof, a bit overwhelming!

Well, it'll all get done at some point, huh?!

And while my brain is ruminating on these things... I've started working on some other -- new and old -- projects!

* I started crocheting a  Snuggle blanket in April, I think it was? It would be nice to get that done and out the door and get a new crochet thing off the ground.

* Postcards! Okay. I may have joined a new group...
Very basic web site. But, I've already gotten a "welcome" postcard from one member, which made me happy. So, we'll see how it goes!

* and what else?! Got some new fonts and stock art for my computer and am *working* my desktop publishing software. In need of: a scanner, a new printer, and some shelving to hold it all!!

* okay, all this has nothing to do with vacation or photos from vacation!

More Later!

garden plot
sun 11 july 2010

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Garden? When I have hundreds of vacation photos that are just screaming to be uploaded? Yes. Garden. It's what I'm thinking about today, thusly it's what I'm going to type about today!

We got new plants at yesterday's Saturday Market and went down to plant them this morning. I was happy that there were a few survivors remaining in the garden...

Two of our four cherry tomato plants lived... one had a tiny ripe tomato on it. Significant Other ate it happily!

One of SO's pepper plants is still living. Not sure it it's a Jalapeno or a Cayenne Pepper, but it's not grown much at all since we planted it beginning of May.

Collard?  Or What?

And the two "mystery" plants have flourished. I suppose they are some kind of collard? I have no clue! The leaves seem pretty tough. Anyone able to enlighten me? Please? TIA!

Okay. Today we planted two more cherry tomato plants, two new cucumber plants, one baby watermelon (reportedly tough to grow), and six new basil plants.

I have high hopes for the cucumbers, since we got several cucumbers out of the garden plot last year. I don't really care about the watermelon plant... it'll die, but in the meantime, I just love the leaves on the plant! ha.

And the basil? sighs *shaking head* Basil plants do not live in our plot. I've planted seeds and I've planted little plants. They all die immediately! And yet I keep trying.

I have this love for fresh pesto. And hope springs eternal! :)

the first tiny tomato!

fri 16 july 2010

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I know! I've been home from vacation for a Week, and still no vacation photos have been uploaded!

It's kind of like I am savoring them. I open up Paint Shop Pro, and I look at all my hundreds of photos and I am happy. And I think about the story with this photo, and the story with that photo, and this one could be a postcard, oh, and that one too!

And I know that once I get my vacation blog entries written, I won't go through my photos anymore. Making the blog entry, kind of "finishes" the vacation, ya know?

Plus, hundreds of photos are a little bit overwhelming!

*laughs* I know, I should just start!

But there are so many other things to think about as well. Mostly "thank you" cards to all the major players in the vacation. I like to procrastinate those.

And now I'm all gung-ho about postcards again. (well, like I ever wasn't?) I've re-activated my PostCrossing account, and I've got a little bit of action from the GoodReads group I joined, plus the new account at

Everyone should have rcvd my June postcard by now. (Except for the new people!) So here it is!

crow on the fence

I took this photo in April, just outside our community garden. I love crows and I wish I could get their photo more often!!

happy Vegan saturday
sat 17 july 2010

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Well, I woke up at 5am, thinking about postcards. It makes a good morning when I wake up that freaken early with thoughts of making things! It's even better when I actually get out of bed and act on my thoughts. I did, this morning!

Eventually, Significant Other rolled out of bed, and we went to Saturday Market to find something pretty to plant! Yay, little purple flowers caught my attention right away. The lady said they were Asters and they would grow about chest high and should come back every year. *happy* (and pics tomorrow, when it gets planted in our community garden plot!)

On the way home from Saturday Market... The Divine Cupcake! sweet certified vegan bliss.

I really wanted a Red Velvet cupcake. We went into an empty shop... there were a lot of cupcakes in the display rack, but not a chocolate one to be found. ack! SO asked about some velvet, and the nice lady went back and frosted one for me. She was so wonderful!

Divine cupcakes

SO got a Vanilla Tie Dye cupcake!!! ha!

Divine Cupcake: so very tasty, so very Vegan! and major sugar rush! oof.

Worked on my crocheting when we got home. I'm still stuck on this stupid double thickness Diagonal Hot Pad that I'm making as a  Snuggle blanket. I'll be sending it to Peaceful Prairie when I'm done, and that's the only thing that keeps me going!

And, speaking of Peaceful Prairie... I think I've finally decided on a photo for my July postcard. *grins* and Stay Tuned!

Celebrating Gramma
sun 25 july 2010

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My Grandma died on Friday. I would like to share a couple random stories here...

pot o leaves

I'll start with something close to me... This is my Pot O' Leaves! Blooming like crazy, as you can see, which makes me very happy.

Grandma had a way with plants. I'm not sure when she started with the African Violets, but I think she has several different varieties. Always blooming when I visited at Christmas time!

My Mom brought me a little pot of African Violet from Gramma a few years ago. I broke a couple of leaves as I was transplanting it, so I set them up in the original pot. And what do I get? a pot of leaves.

The main plant just got done blooming, it probably had about 30 blooms on it at once. But the Pot O' Leaves... This is the first time it's bloomed, but the blooms keep on coming!

The other variety at Gramma's house has white flowers with a purple trim? I will have to ask about it.

gram, xmas 2009

My Gramma, just after she opened my xmas present to her: the blue scarf. Yep, I made that.

My Gramma is an artist, and she enjoyed oil painting. She always encouraged me in my own art. I've never been comfortable with a brush, and don't even bother me with oil painting (so very non-environmental!)... but there's no denying that I have a modicom of talent.

I took the art classes in high school, but since then it's difficult to find motivation. I am always pretending to try to get back to drawing and art, I never do tho!

When I was a kid, my parents dropped me and my brother off in Iowa for a month or so in the Summer. We divided our time between my dad's parents and my mom's parents.

I remember when my mom's parents got a golf cart! My brother and I and my cousin, B took turns driving it, pushing it as fast as it would go. I enjoyed standing on the back, hanging on with my hands. A "wind in my hair" time! Great fun.

At my dad's parents, I remember canning time. insane! why would anyone want to do this?! heh. And eating watermelon on the front lawn.

Gramma played a part in World War 2. There was a prisoner of war camp in Clarinda, and she was secretary to the general. Gram talked about the German prisoners... I'm not sure if there were any non-white (Japanese) prisoners.

The German prisoners were treated so well by the community that many of them decided to immigrate to Clarinda after the war. Gramma didn't tell any war stories... these prisoners were just people. ya know?

Gramma was a very social person. Pretty much the opposite of me! She thinks people are Wonderful! While I like to avoid people at all costs! heh.

one of those "we agree to disagree" points. :)

Since Gramma died
thurs 29 july 2010

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Gramma died last friday. I think Guinea Pig Boo had a stroke on saturday morning. And she has been acting like an old lady ever since then. Which she is.

I don't think she's long for this world.

Since Gramma died, I've been making an effort to let ART back into my life. I've done some colouring, some doodling, and a couple of (very rough and ugly) sketches.

eh. I don't know. We'll see where that leads, I guess.

Gramma made a recording for her three biological grandchildren. A long time ago! She gifted the audio tape at a Christmas time, maybe in the 90's? I think the instructions were to not listen to the tape until she was dead and gone!

I've been looking for the tape, I haven't found it yet. I'm already worried about it tho...

Cassette tapes don't last very long. I don't know if it will be in once piece when I find it? Or if it will fall apart with the first listen?

Yesterday, I got an email from a company from which I often buy software. The offering: "Convert your cassettes into digital format".

ha! Software and Hardware included.

That's weird, and yeah, I'm going to pay whatever you want! I don't even care about your ½ off sale. :)

sat 31 july 2010

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In Gramma's honor, I bought a handful of markers yesterday at the day job.

I had determined that I owned 51 (of 334) sketch Copic markers, and today I got ten more...

Copic sketch markers

B21 Baby Blue, B24 Sky, B29 Ultramarine.
RV19 Red Violet, RV32 Shadow Pink, RV34 Dark Pink.
BG49 Duck Blue.
V95 Light Grape, V99 Aubergine.
YG95 Pale Olive.

Like I said, I've been colouring...
  Doodle Art Alley Check out Samantha's web site. She's got free colouring pages which are absolutely brilliant for Copic markers! Plus she's super nice! :)

And I've done some doodling myself...

doodle in my paper journal

I kinda like this one. My sense of colour is rather crap. But who cares! :)

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