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1 April 2010... Oh My Gosh, it's a new site design! :)

Daily Blogging
thurs 1 apr 2010

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National Blog Posting Month

I got a lot done in the couple months that I have not been blogging. But my productivity has dropped off in the last couple weeks... I keep saying I'm going to do such-and-such, but then I never get around to doing the such-and-such. It's really starting to annoy me!

So I'm going to do the daily blogging again for a month. Having to work on one thing, every day no matter what, seems to get me organized for doing other creative things as well!

And you may have noticed the major change here. I whipped up this sunflower design back in january, then never bothered to finish up with all those semi-important little details. Like a side bar. And cute little subject divider graphics. And an RSS feed. And links to the archives. And, and, and!

These things will be appearing randomly, over the weekend. :)

Guinea Pig Friday
fri 2 apr 2010

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Boo the guinea pig

This is my friend, Boo the guinea pig in her house.

It's been just over six months since her friend, Twitch, died. Boo was very depressed for about a month, but we're okay now. We've fallen into a good, happy routine.

Boo gets a special breakfast every morning. Tangerines, carrot slices and maybe one other random treat from the fridge. And of course, I make sure she's good on timothy hay and kibble. I spend time with her every morning, no matter what!

SO looks in on her during the day, maybe bringing her a treat. When I get home from work, yep, more treats! Usually celery, fed by SO with me smiling on.

Then, in the evening, I let Boo out and she runs around on the floor. Sometimes she gets a really good workout... running laps. Other times, she wants to go right back into her house. I try to encourage her to have a little bit of fun, but sometimes there is no talking to her.

That's just the way she is. heck, that's just the way _I_ am sometimes! (well, okay: most the time!) ;)

Snuggles Project
Sat 3 apr 2010

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Snuggles Project, new web site

One of the bigger projects that I'm working on is the  Snuggles Project web site.

A "Snuggle" is a security blanket for animals who are waiting for a new home in a shelter. Snuggle blankets are homemade -- crocheted, knitted, quilted or sewn -- and donated to humane societies and rescues for the animals.

Anyway! The website got a great makeover, and I was invited to beta test at the end of february. I wonder if I was an editor in a past life, because I just love checking things over before they go live... making sure things look pretty, typos, making sure links go where they're supposed to go, random things that just aren't quite right... It was a lot of fun for my brain!


And then I decided to make the web site my personal project. The new site has improved social networking aspects, and I decided it would be great to develop the community there...

Ever since I started crocheting last year, I have really loved the idea of the Snuggles Project. I've only made a couple of Snuggle blankets so far... I sent them all to my favorite charity, Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary and they were so happy!

Since I am just a beginner at crocheting, there are only so many things I can make. In other words, there are only so many boring scarves I can make for my family before their smiles of gratitude start to look fake!

*laughs* So I am thrilled that I can make crazy amounts of Snuggle blankets for the animals, and everyone still appreciates them like it's the coolest thing in the world!

With this kind of motivation -- helping animals and doing a craft I enjoy -- you'd think I'd be crocheting constantly. But I don't! I have a lot of other hobbies, okay?!!

One of those hobbies being an obsession with all things Internet... :) ... Which is why I've decided to make the Snuggles Project web site one of my new hobbies! My goal there is to make a self sustaining community. I've started with basically zero participation of members, and I want to get to the point where we have active communication, on multiple topics, every day.

Definitely a long term project. Getting an online community off the ground takes time -- even with an established membership base -- and effort.

I think I'm up for it.


Oh, by the way, I'm rift vegan at the Snuggles Project. :)

4 April 2010... new site design: coming along, in bits and pieces!

buying things
sun 4 apr 2010

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This week from Amazon, I got:

The Last Starfighter

DVD The Last Starfighter, 25th Anniversary
Just love 80s sci fi movies! :)

Forever Knight, third season

DVDs Forever Knight, 3rd Season
random vampire cop show out of Canada. Second season was great, third and last season was crap. Fortunately, I got it on sale.

t.A.T.u. 200km/h in the wong lane

CD, t.A.T.u.: 200km/h in the Wrong Lane
Somehow fell in love with "All the Things She Said" which shows up on the Garbage station in Pandora (at the day job). Very simplistic song... but the beat got in my head. I think I may like some of the other songs, too. Doesn't say much for my listening sophistication. :)

The Beastly Bride

BOOK, Beastly Bride
It's got a story by Peter Beagle (author of The Last Unicorn) and I had to have it, so much so that I pre-ordered it. It's the only thing I've ever pre-ordered! Hope it's good.

Also need to buy...

  New Monitor for Sheep the new computer.
*cringe* my good 17inch monitor has been clicking to a yellowish colour every once in a while. bit annoying. but at least it still works.

  Some open-sided commercial grade shelving?
Thinking about re-arranging my bedroom. Not a lot of space to work with here, so I need to expand in a vertical way. Think some kind of shelving will help immensely!

  Scanner and Printer
wondering how much extra for a printer that prints on 11x17 paper??

Out to Eat
mon 5 apr 2010

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SO won his poker game last night, so this afternoon we went out to eat to celebrate.

SO suggested Govinda's, which is a vegetarian and vegan buffet. We've not been there yet. Problem is, it doesn't open til five and I get off work at four with a major appetite. I just can't wait an hour for my food! heh.

We got take out from Yumm! cafe instead.

Yumm food!

mmm, Yumm. Okay, you see my Yumm bowl here? It's the vegan "Yumm Baby." Looks like pretty simple food, huh?

A bunch of uh fruits on top -- tomato bits, olives and avocado slices -- a few leaves of fresh cilantro, and rice and Yumm sauce underneath. You stir it up a bit and you get bliss.

Yumm sauce is like nothing you've ever had! I can't explain it, okay? It's made of canola oil and nutritional yeast and vinegar and spices, but that just makes it sound weird!

Fortunately, they sell Yumm sauce by the liter. So guess what I put on Everything for the next couple of weeks?! :)

tues 6 apr 2010

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Last night I had a dream. I dreamt that I was sleeping and had a dream. I woke up (in my dream), went about my day, then was talking to a woman... and she had the same dream I had! I was all "That's amazing! You had this dream, too? Weird!"

And then I woke up for really real. and I had to laugh at my silly dream!

But if anyone has any thoughts about "starred rectangles"... email me, 'kay??!

(darn, I haven't made a divider line yet. guess I have to go with the boring old standby Horizontal Rule...)


My friend at the day job asked me, out of the blue, "Do you think you will stay in Oregon for the rest of your life, even tho you are so used to moving all the time."

I think I have fallen in love with this part of Oregon, but the "rest of your life" part of her question really freaked me out!!

SO and I had lived in Phoenix for five years, which was about as long as I had ever stayed in one place. And now we've been in Oregon for five years.

I do feel restless... probably why I want to re-arrange things in my bedroom, not to mention the rest of the townhouse. But, no, I don't want to move out of the state right now. or any time soon.

"the rest of your life" is still freaking me out tho!

6 April 2010... new site design: lacking!

just a pic
wed 7 apr 2010

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Sometimes there's just not enough free time!

thurs 8 apr 2010

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I am looking forward to the weekend because I have so much to do!!

Projects near completion

  March postcards. (heh, I know it's april!)

  The Single Cable scarf. (just a few inches to go!)

Projects that MUST be done

  my Round Robin Art Journal. (needs to be in the mail around the 13th.) (more about this project later!)

  Spend time on  Snuggles Project website. (because I've not even been there all week... how am I going to encourage participation when I don't even participate?!)

Projects that SHOULD be worked on

  Start weeding at the Community Garden plot!!!

  the Sunflower site design. (needs some divider lines, and some non-∞ bullet graphics. oh, did I mention I wanted to have an About page again? yeah, that too.)

  Some reading. (Really want to buy some new books, but feeling excessively guilty about the unread book pile.) (me? guilty about books? yeah, that's new. pleh.)

  April Postcards!

guinea pig friday
fri 9 apr 2010

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afternoon snack of celery leaves

(Boo the guinea pig getting some celery leaves. And the celery attached to the leaves.)

Boo got a nail trim yesterday. *shakes head* I have trimmed a few guinea pig nails in my time, and Boo is the absolute worst about nails.

When I adopted Twitch and Boo, they both had messed up feet because the humans who "owned" them for the first two years of their lives apparently never trimmed their nails. ugh.

Doing Twitch's nails was never a problem. Tho if I was taking too long she would start yelling. Translation from guinea pig to American English: "Help! She's Killing Me!"


But Boo... she squirms: Basically makes it impossible to do her nails correctly. I hate doing it, she hates having it done, but it's a necessity!

sighs. Boo usually forgives me in about ten or fifteen minutes... if I do it right. (otherwise it's a day or two!) But yesterday, I got it right!!

oh jeez
sat 10 apr 2010

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I had such happy intentions for the weekend! I had a list, even! So much planned!

Yeah, I'm a complete dropout!

I slept in. That's never a good sign! I got up and did nothing, pretty much.

I finally got organized around noon, I really wanted to visit the community garden today. Got all ready, got out the door with my bike. Got on the bike. Started petaling. Looked down at my front tire: Flat. Got off the bike. Saw the back tire was flat too.

deep sigh of frustration! Yeah. Flat bike tires pretty much ruined my saturday.

weekend roundup
sun 11 apr 2010

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Yep, that was a useless weekend! I don't know why I am so reluctant to work on my stuff! There's nothing difficult or tedious on my list. It's all fun stuff that I enjoy doing.

And this is exactly why I wanted to do the daily blogging... because in the past it has motivated me to work on my other creative projects as well. And I figured that having a public list would motivate me even further. Blogging the list would be like having someone to answer to, ya know?

So, okay. That didn't work!


The one thing that I did work on a little bit this weekend was my Round Robin art journal. so I'm going to type about that today!

The idea of the Round Robin: All the participants have a blank journal. They dress it up a little, if only to put their own name on it. Then there's a mailing list of all the participants, and you mail your journal to the next person on the list. And you'll receive the journal from the person above you on the list... You make some art in their journal and then send it, again, to the person below you on the list. Eventually, your journal will make it all the way around the mailing list, back to you! and then, Yay, you get to keep your journal with lots of cool artwork in it!!

The group I've joined has 6 players, and we are going to try to stick to a one month cycle of mailings. I sent my journal off about a month ago and will get it back um in September, I think. And in the meantime, of course, I am filling up other people's journals as they come to me.

I've decided to have a "signature" spread which will be similar in all the journals...

art journal signature pages

This is a photo transfer, with some copic colouring on the left side.

The transfer is really easy and fun. I print up my photo on some vinyl strips that I scavenged from one of my old day jobs. The printer ink sits on top of the vinyl, I just flip the printed strip onto my paper and rub the back so the ink transfers from the strip to my journal page!

Brilliant, huh? This works with any kind of plastic sheet, I think (with an inkjet printer). Like transparency sheets? You should definitely try it out, especially if you have any clip art that you want in your bound journal!! Much nicer than gluing stuff into your book... altho the resolution is not great with this kind of transfer.

Anyway. I thought it would be good to have a page that was relatively easy for me to do... to rev up my creative juices for my other pages.

Unfortunately, I've procrastinated my current RR journal... It's due to be mailed out on the 15th, and I'm not anywhere close to being done with the pages I've started!

*rolls eyes at self*

mon 12 apr 2010

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I did get some reading done over the weekend as well. Mostly because I wanted to buy some new books. Unfortunately, since I didn't really get anything done over the weekend, I didn't feel like a reward was deserved. darn it.

Speciesism by Joan Dunayer

So anyway. I had been reading Speciesism for the second time around. This is my favorite vegan/animal rights book.

I especially like the last few chapters. When most people are vegan, then we'll be able to pass laws giving personhood rights to animals. Animals should have the legal right to life, the right to liberty and the right to hold property. Yep.

That's what I would like to happen. And I do think -- or I would like to believe -- that humans are moving in that direction. In the direction of vegan-ness.

But I think that civilization will collapse long before the vegan people can make things right in the world.


Anyway. One of the books I wanted to buy was Joan Dunayer's other book, Animal Equality : Language and Liberation. Which I'm sure I will like just as much as the Speciesism book!

Copic Drawing
tues 13 apr 2010

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I work at the Copic Warehouse, in the shipping department. At the moment we've got two different brands of dunage paper. Dunage is the newsprint-type paper that we use as padding around some of the more fragile things we ship out. (not the markers tho: they're tough!)

Anyway. A couple rolls of the dunage paper are very close to newspaper, but this other roll had thicker paper and a was brighter white. I was saying it's practically like drawing paper, it's so crisp and white.

"okay," says the supervisor. "You should draw something and we can pack it into the top of this box!" haha! I did!

Dunage Drawing

The paper is 27inches tall, and I included the markers I used to give a sense of scale! Fortunately we had a couple markers laying around. (*laughs*, no we didn't just pull them off the shelf!)

And I discovered a love of Wide markers! *Swoop, Swoop* and it's done! The outline of the flower was done with a regular Sketch marker. And unfortunately, my green Ciao marker has run dry (needs a refill!), so I used a Melon Spica Glitter pen to scribble in the stem!

And yeah, we crunched up the paper and used it as stuffing in a box to MacPherson's (an art supply distributer). Hopefully that will make a warehouse worker there very happy. :)

just a pic
wed 14 apr 2010

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I am a bit frustrated about the day job today... Demand for our markers is extremely high, but the supply of markers in the warehouse is extremely low.

So a photo instead... of the rhododendrons outside one of the buildings at work...


I get to walk past these several times a day. :)

thurs 15 apr 2010

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Random fact of the day: I just love astronomy. I don't study it very often tho...

SO had recorded a couple of NOVA shows about telescopes and what the universe is doing. We watched the second one this evening.

I really enjoyed it. I didn't learn much... I already knew almost everything they talked about in the show. *laughs* But I still really enjoyed it!

The one thing I didn't know about was the super long refractive telescopes that were made before reflective telescopes were discovered. They look crazy -- super long telescopes, the longest were football-field long! -- but these were no more crazy than the million dollar, huge telescopes that we're making today.

The first college I went to (back in the 1990's) offered two semesters of astronomy, and I took both of them. One of the things I learned that stuck with me was the phases of the moon. You can tell the approximate time of day based on what phase the moon is in and where it is in the sky.

And it completely and utterly drives me Crazy Mad when artists get the phase of the moon wrong in a painting. I mean, seriously, people! The moon reflects the sun's light... you've got all your shadows going in a certain direction in your painting, right? and you completely ignore the fact that the moon has a sunny side and a shadow side as well??! GAH!

Like I said, it drives me utterly Crazy Mad!


Anyway. another thing I like about astronomy... all of NASA's photos are copyright free. *happy*

Part of Hubble's Deep Field!

Yeah, I just love the Hubble Deep Field! They pointed the Hubble telescope at a random black point... there are a couple of Milky Way stars in the photo... but every other point of light was a galaxy. Almost 3,000 galaxies in the one photo... and our own galaxy has 200 billion stars in it.

It's just amazing to me!

  Wikipedia: Hubble Deep Field
  Hubble Site

Garden Friday
fri 16 apr 2010

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Yay! I got my bike fixed! And we went down to the Community Garden for the first time this year!

This was intended as a scouting mission...

the lovely weeds!

Yeah, okay, it looks like someone's over grown yard. But it's much better than the weeds we dealt with last year because it was May, last year, when we started weeding.

Anyway. While SO and I were contemplating the plot, our volunteer garden lady starts telling us what we need to do. I finally look up at her, from my photographing, and she tells me, "I'm Ginny." This takes me a minute to process because I know Ginny from the Community Gardens website! Eventually I say "I'm Cheri" and she's all "I know!"

*laughs* That was weird! and funny!

Anyway, Ginny set us up with some black plastic tarps to kill our poor wildflowers. SO and I spread them out over most of our plot. I am a little bit sad. But, I guess we were going to kill them anyway.

garden wrap

more garden
sat 17 apr 2010

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Before we started carelessly murdering the "weeds" in our Community Garden plot, I got some photos of the amazing wildflowers living there...

pretty non buttercup flower

These were making our plot delightfully cheerful! They were much bigger than regular buttercup flowers, probably about the size of a dollar coin or so? (3-4cm diameter) I think they are Marsh Marigolds?

And then I discovered a little clump of these pink flowers! some pale pink, some dark pink... they are variations of the English Lawn Daisy.

ah, cute little pink daisies!

Aren't they lovely? I can't believe we are killing them!

a Reading Triumph
sun 18 apr 2010

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I have finally gotten through my magazine stack!

The stack was big! I've been working on it since 2008, apparently. And now! There is NO stack!

Oh My Gosh! I am in total unbelief!

This day gives me great hope... And maybe it will give every reader equally great hope. Because now I can focus on my unread book pile. But Also! I must keep on top of the magazines! Because I do not want a magazine pile ever again!

oh, wait.

book stacks

A Gathering of my Unread Books

Crap. I forgot about the stupid Artfully Blogging magazines. A curse on you Stampington & Company! And I also forgot that I've been getting the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in the digital version. And I've Not Read Any of those!

Sighs of disappointment!

Well. Okay. Fine, then. My New Magazine Stack:

  5 and a partial of the Stampington mags
  6 of the F&SF mags (from april 2009)
  6 of Artist's Sketchbook (from aug 2005) on CD

But I did get through my old magazine stack! And I am going to count that as a major accomplishment.

the new magazine stack

In the pic: some of the Stampington mags, the rest are in the box. My camera tripod. A Wabi Sabi book of quotes. A tea cup. And Boo's timothy hay kibble! (much healthier than the alfalfa kibble.) (also less tasty.) The black thing is the carrier for the tripod.

mon 19 apr 2010

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So that was a crap 8 hours of day job. And guess what, I'll get to say the exact same thing for the rest of the week. sighs.

So here's a pic of the warehouse cat, Bebe...

Bebes day job: napping

(and I got a magazine in the mail this afternoon.)

looking up
tues 20 apr 2010

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Okay, I was totally wrong about the day job being crap for the rest of the week... Tomorrow is going to be a happy-happy day! yay! So! No more moping about!

I have a massive Amazon run coming at me, and today the first book arrived.

  Good Mail Day by Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Gilligan Wheeler

I paged thru the book when I got home, and it looks delightful. There's a website on the back cover, too... and I was happily surprised to see that it's active!

Went to the "about" section at the website, and weird thing: I recognize Jennie Hinchcliff's avatar. I can't figure out where I've seen it before, tho! huh. (darn, it's going to be one of those things that drives me crazy, isn't it?!)

Anyway: book in the mail, heck yeah, it's a good day. :)

wed 21 apr 2010

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A very good day, and brought home a good haul of books... but I got distracted on the Internet and have kinda run out of time to type up an entry today!

A photo from the weekend:

crow on a fence

I absolutely love it when I get to photograph a crow!!

Happy Earth Day
thurs 22 apr 2010

Entry #22 of 30 on this page (tagged: april, )

Yeah, okay, I am one of those horrible people who will tell you that Earth Day has failed. And failed miserably!

How many species are going extinct every day? There's no turning back from global warming. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is just getting bigger. There are millions more animals who are "farmed"... tortured and killed every day. No to mention the human overpopulation.

I for one am going to enjoy civilization while it lasts. Because, people? it's not going to last very much longer.

But, while I'm waiting:

I'll change out the light bulbs.
I'll recycle everything I can get my hands on.
I won't use the drier for my clothes.
I'll walk and bike to work and the community garden.
The worms in our townhouse will continue to compost the kitchen scraps.
I'll use rechargeable batteries.

Oh. And I'll continue to be vegan.

Going vegan is even better than switching from a SUV to a hybrid car, if you're counting carbon emissions.

Going vegan is even better than adopting a shelter animal, if you're counting lives.

Going vegan ... is the best thing you can do as a human!

Book Love: 95
fri 23 apr 2010

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Yeah, who even cares about the Amazon books I got on wednesday... Look at what was in my mailbox today!!!


Oh my gosh! With Justice on the cover! He lives at my favorite sanctuary, Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary.

You probably don't remember or know... but back in 2007, I did Blogathon and raised a bit of money for Peaceful Prairie. Michele and Chris gave me a few photos to use on the blog, one of which featured Justice and Bumper! So Even tho I've not met these people, Justice and Bumper have a special place in my heart! :)

The book is beautiful! I've only just paged through it, but the photos are amazing. I'm sure the stories will be incredible as well.

I can't wait to read it. And Re-read it. And buy copies for my friends and family. I'll probably rave about it every time I read a story from Peaceful Prairie!

Oh! I am just thrilled to pieces! *laughs*

  Ninety-Five, published by No Voice Unheard

  Ninety-Five (at Amazon)

Oh, yeah...

♥ ♥ Ninety-Five is the average number of animals spared annually by one person's vegan diet. ♥ ♥

Yay Vegan!

Yay Crochet!
sat 24 apr 2010

Entry #24 of 30 on this page (tagged: april, , )

I have not been crocheting very faithfully this year. For the past few months, I'm only working on my scarf project on the weekend, or even every other weekend! Sheesh, like anything's going to get done at this rate!

But! I have finally finished the scarf!!

Keeping them warm!

(That's Polar Baby, Happy the elephant and Sea Biscuit the pink sea horse, modeling!)

And that's the finished scarf! It is a Single Cable Scarf, with ribbing on the ends. It is made with Caron's Simply Soft Eco string which is 20% post-consumer recycled soda bottles! The colour is called Denim Wash.

I am so proud of myself for finishing because it's my first "Intermediate" crochet project! The directions were difficult... especially since I have a hard time following directions ("wouldn't it be better this other way?" heh). But once I understood what was going on, I zipped right along without having to read the directions all the time!

Well. "Zipped" every other weekend, that is! heh. I started the scarf mid-feb. oof.

I had planned to make a  Snuggle blanket next. A new pattern. I've got a general idea of what I'm doing, but I couldn't find step-by-step directions. So I have a little bit of trepidation.

Which means I might not start right away. sighs.

But! I've found an interesting site that has a whole section of Vegan String!

  Vegan Fibers at Earth Friendly Yarns

How cool is that? Some are insanely expensive. But it's all for fun, right, and you can't put a price on fun.

heh. yeah, keep telling yourself that when your hobby starts costing the big bucks!

sun 25 apr 2010

Entry #25 of 30 on this page (tagged: april)


I wish I could change people's minds about "weeds". Dandelions are so cheerful, and I love to see them decorating people's yards! They are lovely even when they go to seed.

little crochet
mon 26 apr 2010

Entry #26 of 30 on this page (tagged: april, )

Sunday night I started working on this:

about half done

Eventually this thing is going to turn into a Diagonal Crochet Hotpad. It's a test run, so I am actually following the directions.

What has intrigued me about this pattern is that it is double thickness. I'm thinking it will make a great  Snuggle blanket!

So my next run is going to be a lot bigger. (The diagonal on this one is only about six inches.) With solid colours, maybe a couple different bands of colour.

And I'm going to use a different stitch. Maybe even a double-crochet stitch, which is way holey for a Snuggle blanket, but at double thickness, it might just be perfect. We'll have to find out!

tues 27 apr 2010

Entry #27 of 30 on this page (tagged: april)

Just realized it's been a bit since we've had any pictures of the furry roommate...

Boo thru the door

This is a photo of Boo the guinea pig through the open door of her house. We've been experimenting with this open door policy for a couple of weeks, now. Mainly because I think she's starting to understand the concept of "ack! don't pee on the carpet!" ;)

Unfortunately, I think Boo is even less fun with the open door. I have to "lure" her out with a carrot, then she might run around the room for a couple of laps. And then she pops right back into her home. She is such a homebody, and I wish she were more comfortable sharing space with the humans.

Oh well. The Spice of Life is the different personalities that we all have! I appreciate Boo for who she is.

wed 28 apr 2010

Entry #28 of 30 on this page (tagged: april)

I have been really gung-ho on the crochet this week. On monday night, I finished the little Diagonal hot pad thing. And on tuesday night, I started a pretty big Diagonal Snuggle blanket. And tonight, I think I'll continue working on that.

But spending all this time on the crochet, has me a bit distressed about my other projects. The to-be-read book pile is growing every week (because I have this problem with amazon... I mean, I can't just buy some stupid printer ink, can I? I should get at least one book with that, ya know.)

And my april postcards? I can't be bothered to look at a calander or anything, but I'm pretty sure that "april" is almost over!

And the garden? who knows what's happening there.

Sheesh. Ya know, I started the daily blogging again in order to motivate myself with my other projects....

I'm Motivated! I just don't have Time!


pic instead of txt
thurs 29 apr 2010

Entry #29 of 30 on this page (tagged: april)

crow outside the garden

:) Just not much to say today!

Guinea Pig Friday
fri 30 apr 2010

Entry #30 of 30 on this page (tagged: april)

I have so many errands to do this weekend, I really want to be like Boo the homebody!

Homebody in her home


And I just realized that Boo is going to be 5 years old this summer. Which is starting to be "old age" for guinea pigs. (Especially inbred gps of Boo's type.)

My first guinea pig was Adric, and I think he died right after his 5th birthday. But Tegan lived past her 6th birthday.

I was pretty confident of both Adric and Tegan's birthdays, because I became their caretaker when they were still growing up. But Boo came to me as an adult, and her and Twitch's intake papers at the humane society were filled out by two different people and said two different things. So who knows when her actual birthday is... month or even year is not clear!

But this June, I'm going to pretend she's five years old. :) She's still healthy. She can still see. She's a little bit set in her homebody ways, like any old codger. heh, but that's okay. :D

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