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monday complaining
mon 29 nov 2010

humph, very sad to return to the day job after the lovely four days off... especially since the insomnia has returned full force.

Pppbbbttt. Exhaustion does not become me!

I can't believe that november is all but over. It's gone too quickly and now there's all the stress of that other holiday looming.

And I don't even want to glance at the goals that I set for myself to do this month. I know I've not finished my crochet project, nor started any others. Didn't look into shelving, or getting real Internet, or finding a dentist. my emails still number over 200. I never opened up my other two typewriter boxes. And I have no idea what the december postcard will be (this is bad).

*shakes head*

ha. Well. I have updated the blog every day, and there's just tomorrow left. That's something, I guess!

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