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mon 8 nov 2010

I am doing this blogging month because I want a little bit of structure in my free time. I find that when I have a routine, I also have a jumping off point for some of my other projects.

So! Blogging every day? check!

I am keeping on top of my postcards! I am not keeping up with emails (*cringe* sorry people!). reading: a bit. photography: I am actually *looking* again!

zero crocheting.
zero internet connection research.
zero shelf research.

Other Projects...
I am still procrastinating a lot of stuff. I got so much done on Saturday, I thought it was perfectly logical to give myself a break on Sunday. I did absolutely nothing! And I went to bed feeling rather guilty for having wasted a day.

*sighs* oh well, I still got a ton done on Saturday, which pleases me!

In other Exciting news: I've been an aunt for a week and I didn't even know anyone was pregnant! :)

My cousin and his wife adopted a baby girl.

I am extremely proud of them for adopting.

And extremely happy that I am too far away to babysit.


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