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photo friday
fri 5 nov 2010

A couple months ago, I started carrying my camera everywhere. Before that, I kept getting annoyed: "oh that would make a brilliant photo!" and not having my camera.

So now the camera is with me, most of the time. Weird thing is, "oh that would make a brilliant photo" moments are not happening anymore. In fact, not only am I taking less pictures... I haven't taken Any pictures lately!

So here is a completely non artistic picture of our community garden plot...

green growing things!

As you can see, we have started laying down cardboard to kill the Green Growing Things. Hope to get the entire plot covered. And then, if we get the chance, we will pile some leaves on top of that for perfect mulch over the winter.

On the left side of the picture, down in front, the little splash of purple? That's a few remaining aster flowers! With mulch surrounding it, I'm confident it will come back next year.

Which makes me happy.

I bought a bunch of flower bulbs a while ago, too. I wonder when they will arrive. I can't even remember what all I bought! So that will be a delightful surprise when they get here. :)

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