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Garden Flowers
sat 14 aug 2010

In the spirit of Art Day, and bringing a smile to others, I would like to share a few photos from the Community Garden...

The vegetables are kind of um lacking. Spring was wet and mostly killed everything. So all the plants now living are late and confused.

We've got 4 cherry tomato plants, 2 cucumber plants, 2 celery, a watermelon and a sweet potato. Also a chili pepper and some basils.

I think Significant Other eats about one cherry tomato a week. And he did cut down the "mystery" cabbage the other day, but we've not eaten any of it yet.

so anyway. I started planting flowers!


Planted this Aster in mid July. The little purple flowers delighted me. The flowers are lookin' kind of rough now, but that's okay... there is new growth and we were told it would come back next year.

My hopeful desire is that the Aster will take over the entire garden plot!! :)

dahlia hybrid

Dahlia hybrid, planted last weekend. It's got plenty of blossom buds, and the dark green leaves are lovely.

sadly, our baby sunflowers got killed in a tragic mowing accident. Depressing. But I've already taken photos of other people's sunflowers. so that's okay.

And there are a few other wildflowers growing in our plot. The wild makes me happy.

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