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sun 20 june 2010

okay. I ran into this awesome web page last weekend...
  Freebie "no strings attached" Postcards from Aisling
(current, as of 7 june 2010)

I put my name in, tho haven't received anything yet. But I've been thinking about it for a week... and I'm thinking that I need a form thingee on my website, to send out some "no strings" postcards!

(Form removed, see notes below!)

Okay? Your address will be used for the power of good only! June postcards... I'm printing them right now, and I'm aiming for the end of June to get them out the door. My plan is subject to chaos, of course.

I just love sending out postcards!! :)

Update! 25 june 2010... Postcard Update!
Thank you for your interest! The back of the June postcards have been printed and I'll be writing on them this weekend. Out the door on monday morning!

If you are interested in a free, "no strings attached" postcard, sign up soon! This is not a trade, this is a free and ongoing experiment! Sign up, because getting a postcard from me will make you happy! :)

Update! 30 june 2010... Postcard Update!
postcards are out and I'm taking down the form! Look for the next "free" postcard sometime in mid-July! Thanks again for your interest!

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