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wed 26 may 2010

a neighbor

It's funny.

Usually when I start my blog posts with a photo, it's because I don't really have anything to say.

Some days when I just have a picture for my blog post, I just don't feel like typing. Some days after I've put my picture up, I find something to type about after all. Some days, I'm too grumpy or tired to type anything. Some days, I think I have something to type, I can feel my mind rolling in that good writerly way, but without any focus, so I wander on the Internets for a while. But that never works. :)

In general, it's best when I have a topic to write about before I sit in front of the computer. And I know this, and you'd think I'd be thinking about a topic all day so I can hurry up and type something interesting in the evening.

But I haven't been lately.

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