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African Violets
thurs 13 may 2010

the little pot of leaves

Okay, so my main African Violet is blooming this week... but my little pot of leaves is blooming as well! I just noticed this the other day, and it really made me happy.

So, okay. For my friend and for posterity; a few random tips on African Violets! This comes from my Mom and my Grandma.

African Violets like to be root bound! In other words, it likes to be in a small pot.

They should be in unglazed clay pots. Plastic pots... will work, if you are tough on the watering...

And African Violets need to completely dry out in between waterings! The clay pot helps with this, since the water can evaporate through the pot.

Try not to get the leaves wet when you water... but watering from the bottom (like some places recommend) is not necessary!

When they start flowering, I start giving them more water.

Probably the high humidity here is also factor. I did not have the African Violets when I lived in Phoenix, so I have no idea how they will do in desert conditions.

um, light? Grandma keeps her plants in a room with east windows, they get some direct light there. My plants are also in a room with east light... but out tiny townhouse is quite dark, being surrounded by trees and buildings and such.

That's all I've got, people. Plants need to be pretty tough to live with me, since I'm not always very dependable about supplying the water! If they can bounce back from some wilting, that's the perfect plant for me!

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