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Happy Birthday Me
tues 11 may 2010

Yay! My Birthday celebration has begun! Today I turn 37. Gonna be partying for the rest of the week... maybe by the end of the month the celebrating will taper off. :)

You know what I wish I could get as a present?

I saw a Twillight Zone show when I was a kid, or maybe Outer Limits? Anyway, one of those. A woman dug up a box in her garden, I think. Inside was a pocket watch. When she clicked the top of the watch, time stood still for everyone and everything except her.

I want that.

First I would click time to stop and then I would get some extra sleep. Then I would get going on my projects. Postcards, drawings, my round robin journals... the crochet! How much more reading could I get done in that absolute silence?

Yeah, okay. Possibly I need a vacation. Unfortunately, I get the opposite. I think I have to work this weekend!

humph. oh well.

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