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tues 27 apr 2010

Just realized it's been a bit since we've had any pictures of the furry roommate...

Boo thru the door

This is a photo of Boo the guinea pig through the open door of her house. We've been experimenting with this open door policy for a couple of weeks, now. Mainly because I think she's starting to understand the concept of "ack! don't pee on the carpet!" ;)

Unfortunately, I think Boo is even less fun with the open door. I have to "lure" her out with a carrot, then she might run around the room for a couple of laps. And then she pops right back into her home. She is such a homebody, and I wish she were more comfortable sharing space with the humans.

Oh well. The Spice of Life is the different personalities that we all have! I appreciate Boo for who she is.

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