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a Reading Triumph
sun 18 apr 2010

I have finally gotten through my magazine stack!

The stack was big! I've been working on it since 2008, apparently. And now! There is NO stack!

Oh My Gosh! I am in total unbelief!

This day gives me great hope... And maybe it will give every reader equally great hope. Because now I can focus on my unread book pile. But Also! I must keep on top of the magazines! Because I do not want a magazine pile ever again!

oh, wait.

book stacks

A Gathering of my Unread Books

Crap. I forgot about the stupid Artfully Blogging magazines. A curse on you Stampington & Company! And I also forgot that I've been getting the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in the digital version. And I've Not Read Any of those!

Sighs of disappointment!

Well. Okay. Fine, then. My New Magazine Stack:

  5 and a partial of the Stampington mags
  6 of the F&SF mags (from april 2009)
  6 of Artist's Sketchbook (from aug 2005) on CD

But I did get through my old magazine stack! And I am going to count that as a major accomplishment.

the new magazine stack

In the pic: some of the Stampington mags, the rest are in the box. My camera tripod. A Wabi Sabi book of quotes. A tea cup. And Boo's timothy hay kibble! (much healthier than the alfalfa kibble.) (also less tasty.) The black thing is the carrier for the tripod.

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