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Garden Friday
fri 16 apr 2010

Yay! I got my bike fixed! And we went down to the Community Garden for the first time this year!

This was intended as a scouting mission...

the lovely weeds!

Yeah, okay, it looks like someone's over grown yard. But it's much better than the weeds we dealt with last year because it was May, last year, when we started weeding.

Anyway. While SO and I were contemplating the plot, our volunteer garden lady starts telling us what we need to do. I finally look up at her, from my photographing, and she tells me, "I'm Ginny." This takes me a minute to process because I know Ginny from the Community Gardens website! Eventually I say "I'm Cheri" and she's all "I know!"

*laughs* That was weird! and funny!

Anyway, Ginny set us up with some black plastic tarps to kill our poor wildflowers. SO and I spread them out over most of our plot. I am a little bit sad. But, I guess we were going to kill them anyway.

garden wrap

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