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sun 11 apr 2010

Yep, that was a useless weekend! I don't know why I am so reluctant to work on my stuff! There's nothing difficult or tedious on my list. It's all fun stuff that I enjoy doing.

And this is exactly why I wanted to do the daily blogging... because in the past it has motivated me to work on my other creative projects as well. And I figured that having a public list would motivate me even further. Blogging the list would be like having someone to answer to, ya know?

So, okay. That didn't work!


The one thing that I did work on a little bit this weekend was my Round Robin art journal. so I'm going to type about that today!

The idea of the Round Robin: All the participants have a blank journal. They dress it up a little, if only to put their own name on it. Then there's a mailing list of all the participants, and you mail your journal to the next person on the list. And you'll receive the journal from the person above you on the list... You make some art in their journal and then send it, again, to the person below you on the list. Eventually, your journal will make it all the way around the mailing list, back to you! and then, Yay, you get to keep your journal with lots of cool artwork in it!!

The group I've joined has 6 players, and we are going to try to stick to a one month cycle of mailings. I sent my journal off about a month ago and will get it back um in September, I think. And in the meantime, of course, I am filling up other people's journals as they come to me.

I've decided to have a "signature" spread which will be similar in all the journals...

art journal signature pages

This is a photo transfer, with some copic colouring on the left side.

The transfer is really easy and fun. I print up my photo on some vinyl strips that I scavenged from one of my old day jobs. The printer ink sits on top of the vinyl, I just flip the printed strip onto my paper and rub the back so the ink transfers from the strip to my journal page!

Brilliant, huh? This works with any kind of plastic sheet, I think (with an inkjet printer). Like transparency sheets? You should definitely try it out, especially if you have any clip art that you want in your bound journal!! Much nicer than gluing stuff into your book... altho the resolution is not great with this kind of transfer.

Anyway. I thought it would be good to have a page that was relatively easy for me to do... to rev up my creative juices for my other pages.

Unfortunately, I've procrastinated my current RR journal... It's due to be mailed out on the 15th, and I'm not anywhere close to being done with the pages I've started!

*rolls eyes at self*

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