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wed 27 jan 2010

I had enough energy today to (almost) power walk on my way home from work. The supervisor has returned to supervising, so no more stress there. I've finally caught up with my sleep, and possibly related: my back is finally starting to feel better.

And I just realized I've not been practicing the sign language in ages. I've bought more books and haven't finished reading any of my old books. I'm not journaling, not drawing. And I've even been mean and stupid at my friends.

Sheesh. 2010, not off to the best start.

Begin Again.

This instant, I can work on the sign language! The words I remember: cat, dog, bunny, pig, cow, horse, goat. Day, home? stop. Happy, sad.

So, today let's do colours!
Green! (shake a G)
Purple! (shake a P)
Blue! (twist a B)
Yellow (shake a Y)
Orange (squeeze an orange in your mouth)
Red (index finger down lips)

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