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might not have happened
wed 20 jan 2010

Instead of walking to work this morning, I got in my car and drove to the coast. It took a while to get there, but that's okay, it was a nice drive through the hills. I drove up the coast a little ways and then parked at one of the beach parks.

I took off my shoes and socks and walked on the sand. It was windy and cold, but my jacket kept me mostly warm. When I got hungry, I got my backpack and pulled out my lunch. I sat on a rock at the edge of the beach.

Right then, a sea lion came out of the ocean and rolled up the beach to sit next to me. "Hi, Sea Lion" I said. She nodded her greetings. "I was just going to eat some lunch. Would you like to share with me?"

I held out my sandwich and the sea lion came closer and sniffed delicately. She pulled back and shook her head. "oh," I said, a little disappointed. I looked at my sandwich. "Too vegan for you?" She may have smiled.

I chatted with her about the weather, and what did she think of that storm last weekend, and, yeah, I'm supposed to be at work but I just didn't want to go today...

After a while, the sea lion reached over and tugged on my jacket. She wanted us to go for a swim. I told her the water was too cold for me, but she shook her head and tugged again. "Well," I decided, "maybe I'll wade out a little ways. I can always warm up in the car."

I rolled up my jeans and walked out to the sea with my new friend. Yep the water was freezing! But we kept going. When the water was up to my knees I had to stop, but the sea lion bumped me and I fell over into the water.

And then I turned into a mermaid! So I went for a swim with my friend the sea lion after all.

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