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two week resolution review
fri 15 jan 2010

Two weeks into the new year...

  Reinvigorate the paper journal
Okay. This is the one thing that I have not worked on. I keep changing my mind on what kind of journal I want to write in. And I just can't get interested in it. And I just go to bed at night instead of writing a little.

  Get serious about drawing
This, evidently, is going to be a slow process. But I have done a few doodles. Which is a ton more than I've done in the last few months. So I'm happy with my progress here.

  Learn some ASL
Yep, I've been visiting the web site about every other day to learn new signs. Once I get my books organized, I'll pull out my two sign language books and see about reading them.

  Re-Engage my Vegan soul
Well, I made Tofu Squares. And pretty soon I'll need to buy some new vegan shoes. (actually, I needed to buy new shoes when it started raining in mid-october because my current vegan shoes are leaking!) (ha.) (and I hate shopping for shoes.) (I hate shopping.)

  28 Book Backlog Reduction
This weekend, I'm going to get all my books out and have a pile of them out in the open. Right now, I've got my books hidden away in boxes, and under papers and mostly not in plain sight. I'd like to get them all out so I can figure out what I want to read next!

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