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mon 11 jan 2010

And speaking of getting things done... I'd really really like to go through and read the pile of books that I've bought and haven't read yet.

I just did a quick count... and there are at least 28 books! Yikes! I only read 30 books total last year... so this year is pretty much taken care of. But if you think I could go an entire year without buying another book, I would have to laugh in your face. Because that's the most insane thing I've ever heard! :)

So anyway. I've already bought one book this year, last week. But maybe I could read an old book before buying another new book?

Sighs. Yeah, I don't know how well that's going to work out. When I see a book I want, I download it and I start reading it right away! How can I stop myself? More importantly, Why would I want to stop myself??!

Okay. We now see the problem with the 28 books. Probably not going to get read, are they?

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