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sat 9 jan 2010

I have been visiting some ASL web sites, re-learning my alphabet and learning random signs that interest me.

I've started at this web page:
First 100 signs

I've been practicing the signs for all the animals listed there (cat, dog, pig, cow, horse, sheep, bird, bug). And I've looked at random colours, times (day, night), places (home, work) and feelings (happy, sad, like).

It upsets me that some of the animal signs are not very vegan. For instance, the sign for "sheep" is a shearing motion. And the sign for "bird" can be substituted for the chicken you're going to eat. sighs.

I think I've mentioned before that there is no sign for "guinea pig". (Poor Boo!) There is a short discussion about it at the bottom of the "pig" page. You can say "test"+"pig" (and then "g"+"pig"). But, again, test pig is not vegan!

I think my contribution to the language shall be to call guinea pigs "bunny"+"pigs".


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