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oh my, it's a New Year!!!
fri 1 jan 2010

Bidding a sweet goodbye to 2009! A fairly good year... but hopefully just a rev-up for 2010! :)

In 2009... I taught myself how to crochet. I got hired at my day job, and got Copic Certified (oh yeah!!)! I did National Blog Posting Month, several times over. In PostCrossing, I sent and received about 130 postcards. In my monthly postcard exchange, I sent postcards to everyone, every month except December (when we took a break). I got an olive green Bike!! SO and I got a community garden plot and we made a garden! With tomatoes even! :) I discovered a love of Photography in 2009. I crocheted a couple Snuggle blankets and sent them to the animal-people at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. Twitch the guinea pig died suddenly. :( I bought a new computer (and was unhappy to discover my printer, scanner and graphics tablet are now useless). And I crocheted some xmas presents: Four Scarves for my family!

Books518455418230 books
Magazines-------5464 mags
S8 Blog6349986853 + 31205 entries

Whoa! One of my goals for 2009 was to do more blogging... and did I ever! I am happy with my other goals for 2009 as well: photography, crocheting, and postcards... the garden and the bike... and keeping on top of the magazine reading.

The goals that did not go so well, were my paper journaling and my vegan stuff. I've been avoiding my journal. and it's been ages since I have seriously cooked anything. I wanted to have more whole foods in my diet... And, yes, I think I do. But there's a bit of a vegan rut that I'm stuck in. Trouble is, I kind of like my rut! :)


  Reinvigorate the paper journal

  Get serious about drawing

  Learn some ASL

  Re-Engage my Vegan soul

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