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And then, one day, I got bored. I wanted a new design to look at, but didn't want to take the time usually involved in the making. So I whipped up a table and stuck a graphic at the top of the page... And that's about it. Not much to it.

The graphic on the top four says "Writing Static" and is a font called Nickelodeon. And, as you can see, I regularly changed the background color of the page. yipee. And then I started playing with different tables. more yipee.

2 October 2001 Color is 2F4F8F 5 October 2001 Color is 8E465A 11 October 2001 Color is 5A2B1E 8 November 2001 Color is 307A66
15 December 2001 bgcolor is 18629A blue 1 Jan 2002, bgcolor same, C0C0C0 grey 21 Jan 2002, bgcolor is 2F4F4F dark slate grey Feb 2002, evidently I liked the blue background better
10 Mar 2002 14 Apr 2002 20 April 2002  

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