"Stone Horse" Design Showcase

13 August 2000

I was wandering through my stock photos when I came across a pic of a statue. I liked it, but decided it was not enough, so I wandered some more and found a picture of a horse I liked as well. Lots of touch up and some cut and paste, and you've got this web design.

This design will look similar with all monitor resolutions at 16bit color and up, and in IE as well as Communicator. It's a relatively quick load... the basic html file is under 10k, and the graphics add up to 40k, the biggest being the graphic at the top, pulling 14k.

And speaking of that graphic at the top. That was the biggest project of this design. The two photos I used, originally looked like this:

Original horse statue picture
Original horse picture
As you can see, the real horse took some pretty major touching up. I did all the work in Paint Shop Pro 6. I used a mask to get rid of the background on both photos. The clone brush got rid of the bridle and reins on the white horse, with some pretty heavy retouch brush set to lighten, darken or soften. Once I got good cut outs from both photos, I used a 2 pixel retouch brush set to soften and traced right on the line between the cut out part and the gray background. This really helped reduce the very obvious, cut-out look.

This web design took approximately 11 hours, once I found the pictures I wanted to use. The graphic at the top of the page took 7 hours to create. The html coding and other graphics took 4 hours.

©2000 Cheri -rift- Meier

Horse and Statue photos, ©1998 Serif Inc., used and abused with permission.

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