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Sunday 25 April       Sea Design

This is actually an old design that I made for another web site... I just decided to give it a minor facelift and use it for my regular journal page. Recycling is good.

I made all the graphics for this design. The critters on the buttons to the left are random digital drawings that I made years ago. None of them were created specifically for this design, which is why they have different styles of drawing. Recycling is good.

The fonts used are Juergen and Alako-Bold.

I'm still hand coding on Note Tab Professional and now we are up to version 8.1 of Jasc's Paint Shop Pro.

The page is coded for 800x600 res and looks the same on Netscape 4.6, Netscape 7, IE 6, and my new golden child, Mozilla FireFox 0.8.

copyright © 2004 Cheri -rift- Meier
Please do not use these images without permission.


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