20 June 2000

Wishing Ken and Suzie Meier
the very best
Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary
and many more!

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From: Cheri

Have a wonderful Anniversary, Mom and Dad.
I love you!

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From: Clark Davis

Happy 30th anniversary you guys! Here's hoping for 30 more great years together, and then it will be like... almost 50 years. Wow. Have a wonderful day, and enjoy!

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From: CrystalShiloh

Have a happy anniversary and many more...

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From: Paul Fazekas

No, I didn't teach Clark how to add, but I did drag Clark and Cheri out west. Have a wonderful anniversary and I hope many more to follow.

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From: Dad and Mom

Hi guys: Congratulations. We are proud that you are "our kids" and pray God will give you many more happy years together. We truly believe your marriage was "made in Heaven." All the very best for you. Have a great party and a great Anniversary. All our Love and blessings. Dad and Mom.

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From: Greg, Jan and Tim

Hi! Ken and Suzie-- I think this is a wonderful idea! We want to wish you a blessed 30th anniversery! You've had some really neat times together-- may the Lord bless you with many more. Wish we could be there Sat. to help you celebrate, but we'll make up for it in July!! Trust Me!!!! Love you, Greg, Jan and Tim

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"As we gazed up at the sunset, hand in hand, we noticed how all of the colors mixed into one magical entity. How the gold mixed in perfectly with the red, how the light purple clouds complemented the dying orange and the fading pink. And then we realized that the sunset was just a reflection of ourselves ... each giving to the other the qualities that make us a whole. and in that slight moment between day and night ... we realized that this was the perfect sunset ..." -Dax V
May the future bring you many more perfect sunsets ...

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From: Wayne

Here's hoping that you two have a "GREAT" anniversary! Sorry I couldn't make it for your party, but I'm sure there will be another time when we can celebrate! Take care & God Bless.

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God's blessings to you both for the next 30 years! We love you both and wish we could be there to help you celebrate. We'll catch up in July!!

Happy 30th Anniversary!! (Have FUN after the party!!)

Love Mike, Donna & Dustin

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From: Jeff

Happy 30th Anniversary! Have a great day and party.

Love, Jeff

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From: Les & Theda N.

Happy 30th anniversary. It doesn't seem possible that it's been that long. May God grant you many more years together.

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I've never met you & am happy for you!! Thirty years is a wonderful accomplishment. And so is raising a child that would put up this webpage for you - you must be exceptional people. God bless you more. Fran

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From: Beaver Thomsen

Good going Ken 30 years!!
Bet ya can't do 30 more..

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From: Ed and Mary

I opened the web to find a 30th present for Mary and lo and behold, what do I find but this wonderful site wishing ya'll a happy anniversary. Congrats, and I hope you go for 30 more. I am looking for a 30th present because Mary and I will be married for 30 years on the 17th. GOD BLESS and keep in touch. Ed

Thanks Ed. Congrats, yourselves! Hope you and Mary have a wonderful anniversary!

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From: Dhans & Agil (U.A.E)

May God bless you both with many more years full of love and respect to each other.

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From: ...

Even though I haven't met you, happy anniversary and may the Lord bless you both with many more years of love, happiness, and joy to each other.

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From: carol


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From: sandeep


I hope this mail of mine finds both you in true spirits of life. Though i have never met you but still i think my wishes can meet you.

i wish both of you a happy anniversery and pray you have lots and lots more such good days.

Sandeep India

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From: -

happy wedding anniversery....hope u both enjoy ur life and hav more such happy dayzz...!!!!

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From: David Martin

To my lovely wife of 33 years.


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